Turn Your Digital Event Into a Community

Bring the magic of live events to your virtual event by injecting networking and community among your event attendees.


Event Feed

Attendees can post updates to their followers and event marketers can share updates to the whole event community with our Auto Follow feature.

Attendee Networking

Attendees can find other attendees like them in sessions they're attending or through our AI powered suggestions to create their own event-based social network.

1:1 Messaging

Once an attendee has followers, they can engage in 1:1 conversations for deeper connections during your digital event.

Enbedable Chat

Our chat feature is also portable! You can easily show it docked to the bottom of your screen or alongside your session video.

Create an Exciting Event

A live conversation among your event attendees will give your digital event a
live feel and an unparalleled energy

Yes! Share images with your posts to create an activity stream that is familiar and engaging for your attendees.

Yes! Add an extra punch to your event conversation by adding fun videos and GIFs.

As part of your Eventpop setup you'll designate a primary social network that allows attendees to see where their existing network is surfacing in your event.

Conversations online can be wonderful but they need to be carefully managed. Eventpop has a full range of moderation tools that help you maintain control of the conversational tone of your event.


Turbocharge Your Event

Your own online social network adds a huge element of delight for your attendee and creates a memorable event experience for your brand.

Animated Reactions

Let attendees have fun by sharing positive to reactions to what they see on screen, with animated emoji that show for all attendees.

Auto Follow

Make sure every attendee automatically follows your event organizers and any other important event attendees so they don't miss any relevant updates.

Social Integration

Spread the word beyond your event by tapping into other social networks to amplify your event across the internet.

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